Jeroen Ransijn Creator of Interfaces

Jeroen Ransijn

I am Jeroen Ransijn

Creator, is how people label me, a label I wear proudly. The act of creation is a fusion between the analytical left, and the hollistic right brain hemisphere. Powered by brain fusion, creating interfaces is understanding and predicting how users will interact with your tool or concept.

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The story so far

Born in 1994, I am a young adult living in The Netherlands. Although my native language is Dutch, my high school education is bilingual, which means lessons are taught in Dutch and English. Funny enough, the internet made me more literate in ways formal education lacked to understand.

At the age of eleven I started digging into the internals of websites. While hacking my way through a foreign place, I tried to grasp the concepts and code that make it tick. Bit by bit the pieces came together on how this most magical medium worked. And ever since my first encounter, I was sold by the notion of creating and bringing to life my own designs.

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

— Dr. James Comer, Leave No Child Behind: Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World , 2004

Big dreams require big teams, and so my next step was to find the right people to teach and mentor me. However, I had no idea where to look for them. Luckily, one day my dad offered me to join him to check out a media company — nothing fancy since it was a tour only, or so I thought.

Marvin, manager at Aan Zee

Marvin, manager at Aan Zee, showed us where are the people worked. Not long after a casual chat and seeing all the likeminded people at Aan Zee, we settled in a meeting room for a life changing conversation. After showing some of my work, Marvin asked me to quit my job at an Apple Premium Reseller, and join the team. Ever since, I enjoy the support of all the creative minds at Aan Zee.

Duin- en Bollenstreek bruist App

Sponsored by the Rabobank, the app for stichting Duin- en Bollenstreek bruist is an effort to unite the region between Leiden and Haarlem. Featuring fresh activities to attract the huge amount of tourists which come here every year and allow locals to discover new and interesting events and activities. The app was launched at a huge event for regional entrepreneurs. My contribution to this app range from early usability wireframing and consumer journey mapping, to all graphic design, and also technical implementation for a part.

Drop It! Online Multiplayer Game

Started as a side project from the awesome Rick Groenewegen, I joined him to recreate one of my my favorite childhood games: connect four. After some of the initial prototypes, Aan Zee noticed it could be a potential Wordfeud and we went full throttle on this one. My contribution was the high detail design, which is praised by many of the players. In addition, the front end and design of the Drop It! website is also my work, with exception of the playable game, those credits go to front end ninja Menno van Slooten.